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She lied there, semi conscious, in her den of horrors. Hearing the approach of footsteps she let out an involuntary cry of pain as she struggled to stand, but disintegrated immediately back down to her side, distressingly cushioned by her own excrement. Too weak to tremble anymore, her betrayed heart collapsed in sad defeat. She knew what those sounds were. They were the sounds of her tormentor. Approaching.


Her stomach cramped up, aching by the pain of starvation, and her body mimicked it with the pain of her injuries. Her head hurt. Her legs hurt. Her back hurt. Her jaw hurt. And no one loved her.


Now, it was to start all over again. She tried to muster up strength to reach out to her tormentor’s hand and give it a little doggy kiss, to be loyal to her guardian as God had made her to be, but her tongue had been cut in half and she was unable to move it.


Then her tormentor began. Once more. And, once more, her one remaining eye glazed over in semi shock as agonizing defeat consumed her pretty soul. What is left to do to me, she wondered, just as the fiery pain started up and her scorched muzzle could smell her own skin burning.


This is Kiya’s – known as Puppy Doe – story. Given away on Craigslist, she endured month after month after month of torture by her new guardian. It is said that those performing the autopsy on Kiya were so aghast over the extent of her injuries, that they had to keep stepping away and leaving the autopsy room; it was too hard for them to see all that this poor girl had endured. You may read Puppy Doe Kiya’s autopsy report here.


Puppy Doe (Kiya) is not an isolated case. Animals are abused, neglected, and – yes, tortured – every single day. Everywhere. Sweet, little loving souls, who God gave to us as a gift, and who we, as a society, have failed.


It is too late to save Puppy Doe Kiya, but do not let Kiya’s endless suffering and crucifixion go in vain. As Jesus died to save His fellow man, so has Kiya died to save her fellow animals. Read Kiya's Law.


Sadly, abusers such as Puppy Doe’s usually walk away with a mere two weeks probation. But, you can be these precious animal’s voices. You can demand justice for all the Puppy Does of this world.



You can STOP animal abuse now. Click here to join us across America as we stand UNITED in our fight against animal abuse.


I was born Kiya, a happy pup.
Then by my humans I was given up.
to hell I was sent, to suffering and pain,
each day I would wake up to more or the same.
Finally I was rescued, too late I was found,
my injuries so grievous I was put down.
So in the name of others, those we may never know,
please work hard so I am the last lost puppy doe.

Rest in peace, on angels wings. our tears still falling
as angels, sing.

By Karen Lyons Kalmenson



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